Germany's Tiger Tanks: VK45.02 to TIGER II by Hilary L. Doyle, Thomas L. Jentz

Germany's Tiger Tanks: VK45.02 to TIGER II

Germany's Tiger Tanks: VK45.02 to TIGER II Hilary L. Doyle, Thomas L. Jentz ebook
ISBN: 0764302248, 9780764302244
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Format: pdf
Page: 164

World of Tanks - Play for Free! Covers the use and design of the armored fighting vehicle series Panzer Tiger I and Tiger II. Germany's Tiger Tanks Vk45.02 To Tiger Ii Design, Production. 'Tiger P2' VK45.02 (P), Porsche Typ 180. Sturmgeschutz III/IV - Achtung Panzer . Download Free Novel:Tiger I & Tiger II - Free chm, pdf ebooks rapidshare download, ebook torrents bittorrent download. Дойла в сочетании с эскизами и фотографиями. Germanys Tiger Tanks: VK45.02 to Tiger II Design, Production and Modifications Schiffer Publishing Ltd. By late 1941 both Porsche and Krupp were heavily involved as the first team in the process of designing a tank to utilize the long 8.8 cm gun. The Battle for Southeast Asia by Peter Thompson & Robert Macklin; 2010-08-06Tiger Bone & Rhino Horn: The Destruction of Wildlife for Traditional Chinese Medicine by Richard Ellisn; 2009-12-29Germany's Tiger Tanks: VK45.02 to TIGER II. All original documents confirm compliance with standard specifications throughout the war" (JENTZ, Thomas L. All superheavy and few of heavy (Tiger II) tanks were just terrible desings that would have been unusable in any other than defence war. Издание проиллюстрировано масштабными чертежами Хилари Л. Germany's Tiger tanks - VK45.02 to Tiger II: Design, production & modifications. All armed with short 75mm StuK 37 L/24 gun,. Porsche was tasked with the designing of 'Tiger P2' The official designation for this vehicle as per the Jentz & Dole 'VK45.02 to Tiger II' book: PzKpfw. The vehicle was built on the chassis of the proven Panzer III. Porsche believed that the chassis for the VK45.01 (P), their failed contender for the Tiger I series program, could easily be modified and adopted over to mount the turret being designed by Krupp for the 8.8 cm gun.

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