Parallel Port Complete: Programming Interfacing & Using the PC'S Parallel Printer Port by Jan Axelson, Lakeview Research

Parallel Port Complete: Programming Interfacing & Using the PC'S Parallel Printer Port

Parallel Port Complete: Programming Interfacing & Using the PC'S Parallel Printer Port Jan Axelson, Lakeview Research ebook
Page: 358
ISBN: 0965081966, 9780965081962
Format: pdf
Publisher: Lakeview Research

Power supply of a PC has got 4 terminals, of which 2 are GND and the other 2 are +5V and +12V. Parallel Port Complete - Programming, Interfacing, and Using the PC's Parallel Printer Port 1.pdf. Knowledge about the JVM, The goal of this project is to extend Slick to support database schema manipulations (that could be used for writing migration scripts for example). Parallel Port Complete Table of Contents 1 Essentials Defining the Port: Port Types • System Resources • Addressing • Interrupts • DMA Channels • Finding Existi. It is desirable that the student is knowledgeable in the Scala programming language and its collections model, has knowledge about concurrent lock-free programming and parallel programming, Java memory model, and has an interest in data- structures in general. Now discussing the History of Data Communication Networks, Comparison between serial and parallel data transfer mechanisms using parallel/serial bus communication interface in terms of Data Transfer Speed, Data Transfer Quality & Crosstalk and Clock skew Noise Creating a parallel port in a computer system is relatively simple, requiring only a latch to copy data onto a data bus. Note - For 12 V power supply I have used the power supply of my computer system. Hi eveyone here is i am uploading my 2nd semester's small experiment.interfacing of an 2x16 LCD with PC's parallel port. Programming in C/C++ & C#.Net In this article I will first tell you about how to build the Relay interface circuit for the Parallel Port and then how to control the circuit using software. Serial port, easy to make: For complete info check out the webpage: If you are using a laptop which doesn't have serial port then you can buy a low-cost AVR USB programmer shown in the figure. The complete C++ code to implement motor control can be found here. Visit this webpage for For those who like pc parallel port better, here is a page containing data on how to make a parallel port AVR programmer along with the download for the pc: Parallel port It is also a DIY board with an onboard USB interface. We've already seen serial interfaces displace parallel ones for printers and other peripherals. Many of these approaches rely on direct access to ports such as the parallel port, but this is becoming increasingly difficult as laptops and newer desktops rely on USB as the sole input-output (IO) mechanism. Hardware access In this article we will show you how to use a very flexible USB interface board called Open-USB-IO [7] to achieve speed control of a DC motor without any form of shaft encoder.

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